Take A Walk With A Friend
Saturday, September 8, 2012 at 01:14PM
Cheryl Crotty

I love this photo of Liam and his Honey Bear...it's his best friend.  He often takes it when we go out and this day was no exception...he was taking Honey Bear for a walk.  He is the big brother now and when I watched him walking from behind I was reminded that even though he is the big brother,  he is still very much a sweet, loving baby himself...it made me feel good that the "big boy" is still a bit away.

As for friends,  I walk with my girlfriend every Friday...we rarely miss a week unless one of us are away...It is a sweet feeling to be with her,  know that almost 50 years later we still connect like Liam and Teddy...Sometimes I think she would even like to grab me around the neck.  She is the sister I never had,  she knows my history and loves me in spite of it and I know her's also so no cheating on who we are...at least not to each other..and we have declared Friday's our day..it is such a wonderful gift we give each other.

So perhaps you have a friend that you have not seen or talked to in a long time..Maybe now that summer is over would be a good time to re-connect...maybe just a card in the mail..yes people really do appreciate snail mail.   A phone call would also be lovely.   Think of the joy you might bring to a friend right now...and you to, might just benfit from a connection also.

Have a wonderful weekend...if you don't have a friend,  go out and make one...

"Ask any woman how she makes it through the day, and she may mention her calendar, her-to-do lists,  but if you push her on how she really makes it through her day, or more important,  her months and years when things get rocky...she will mention her Girlfriends."  Anna Quindlen...Lots of Candles,  Plenty of Cake.


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