Tiny Pants, Big Love
Saturday, July 7, 2012 at 03:51PM
Cheryl Crotty

It always amazes me how quickly our world can change.   Some of those changes are so profound that they turn your world upside down in a minute and the results effect the rest of your life.

On June 27th a magnificent tiny boy entered our world way to early.   Oh yes,  we were waiting for him and loving him already.  What we didn't know was that he was loving us also and wanted to be  with us sooner rather than later.   He made his appearance in the middle of the night or you could say,  first thing in the morning at 12:30am.   A tiny specimen of a beautiful boy with  a head of hair and a good loud cry.   He certainly gave us all a scare with his timing but he has shown us what love stands for,  what bravery really means and what fighting for your right to live is all about.   At 2lbs,  11oz.  he has proven to me to be the most courageous person I know.

I have spent the last week watching him go through so many trials that most adults would fall apart under but not Lil Sprout...he's such a trooper.   Everyday he fights to get strong.  He never complains much about all the test he has done and he's so receptive to all our cravings of bonding with him...he has passed every test that is required of him at this early stage in his life and he gives us so much hope for his future.   What a miracle he is.   

His Mom and Dad are tireless in their quest to give him all the bonding and love that he deserves.   I watch the connections taking place even in this highly technical environment and the joy that radiates from all of us that get to spend time with him is palpable .   His big brother,  Lil Man,  goes to see him and brings him Teddy Bears for his incubator and balloons...he loves him already and waits for him to come home so he can show him how to "climb the stairs like a monkey"...my sweet boy's...such a nice ring to that.   Uncle Chris goes frequently and puts his warm loving hands on Sprouts little body so he can feel a connection.   We all have a turn at that and it is amazing how much Sprout loves it and calms down with each touch.   It's the only thing we have to give him at the moment,  but it's an important piece for his growth.   His Mom gets to hold him when she visits and I could watch them forever.   He snuggles in and listens to the beat of her heart just as he would if he had waited a bit longer to join us.   She kisses his tiny head.   One tiny baby,  bringing so much love and connection to a family that is feeling very Blessed.

It is an amazing process to watch modern medicine work it's miracles on such tiny babies.   We are fortunate to live in an area that has a special hospital for children,  one of the finest in the country.   The nurses and doctor's work tirelessly for these children and they also really take care of an entire family in the process.   What I love most about them is their easy way with which they practice...dedicated,  confident but relaxed and so we become relaxed also...

So this is where I have been, bonding with my newest treasure while also spending lots of time with my first love Liam.   One tiny baby boy has changed the world of his family.  This is only the beginning.   Many more changes will come,  more days of struggles as he grows and many hands to bring it all together.   But the one thing that he brings to us already is his Big Love...one tiny heart that beats in all of us.

Welcome to the World Baby Boy...you are so loved here.


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