Lil Loon and Mom
Monday, July 23, 2012 at 07:21PM
Cheryl Crotty

It has been so long since I've posted and even longer since I've worked on my lessons,  Reflections of You.   I have missed both.   July has come and practically gone and we are now finally starting to get some semblance of normal...what the hell is normal anyways...I'd be happy with just a bit of "me time" now.   It is getting better and I'm so proud of Lil Sprout,  his Mom and Dad and my entire family.   It sure does take a village when the someone hits that brick wall that waits for all of us to show up at someday.   My village is my tiny family that possesses so much love and dedication to each other.   No questions asked,  we just do, for as long as doing is necessary.   For this brick wall test not only did we do but we are learning how to live day by day, setting new goals for our future as a family.

Last week for the first time this summer my husband and I ran away to our house in Maine.   When I was last there the comfort and peace that I always find there had taken a vacation.  I knew it wasn't right for me to be there and so we turned around and came home.   I am happy to say this time that when  we went there all the good feelings of peace and hope and pure joy came rushing back to me like a lost river.

Early on Sunday morning we went to church on the lake...Oh yes, there is church on the lake and you know it not by the sounds of church bells but by the Cry of the Loons.   I love the Loons,  it's part of the Maine experience for me.   So when they called,  we grabbed our kayak's,  tea and I took my little trusty Canon G-10. I hadn't paddled very far before I found the church sounds of my Loon and what a surprise I got when I discovered that she had a baby with her.   It has been years since I have captured a loon baby and I was so excited by the gift of Spirit in front of  me this morning.   I felt such a sense of endearment for the Mom and baby and they reminded me of my daughter and her Little One.   The Mother Loon so protective of her little fur ball and Jenna so protective and such a wonderful advocate for Sprout.   I have written about Mothering Moments before and my heart beats a little lighter each time I encounter one,  especially in the world of nature.  Two babies struggle to find their way in this new world that they find themselves in.   This was a gift that Sunday morning and I gave them space as they gave me such joy.

I am happy to say that Lil Sprout is doing well,  each day using his strength to grow strong and meet the challenges he faces.   He is happy,  beautiful and feisty if you mess to much with him.   Hey a lil lad needs his sleep.  That's his job and he takes it seriously.   He now weights 3 lbs,  5 ozs and today he was so happy to lose his oxygen tubes...Now we can really see his face.   He cried a bit when they took the tape off his face but I talked him through it and after I was rewarded with him holding my thumb,   opening his eyes and then giving me  his best big boy smile.   It was the perfect morning with Lil Sprout,  just as last Sunday was the best day with Mama Loon and her baby.   

Life takes us on many journeys and those journeys become part of who were are. It's not the situation that defines us it how we handle it alone and together with those we share our lives.   This journey with Lil Sprout was really difficult in the beginning.  Not only did I worry about him but I had to remember that my daughter was worth some of my worry time.   She has been a trooper.   An amazing Mom for sure.  So like the Mama Loon,  Jenna is keeping her baby close for now,  making sure he gets every opportunity for continued loving growth and me,  well I'm the Big Mama and I'd say I'm more Blessed than I would have thought possible.

We are turning corners,  making new routines and moving step at a time,  one day at a time. Being thankful for all who have supported and prayed for us...It sure does take a Village,  and my little village is full of hope,  love and gratefulness.

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