At The Edge of the Ocean
Tuesday, July 10, 2012 at 03:38PM
Cheryl Crotty

At the edge of the ocean is where I'm be when you come looking for me.  From the time I was born the ocean has never been more than 15 minutes away from me.   The ocean pulls me in and fills me up,  in is part of who I am.

In New England,  Massachusetts to be more precise,  you are surrounded by the ocean.   My first memories where of the beach.   When we were young we would actually go by ourselves as kids and spend the days. Life was more carefree and safe in the 50's than today...I do wonder now as I look back and think of how I am with my kids and grandkids,  why my Mother never worried about me drowning...maybe a matter of two many kids and to many other obligations.   So every day, all year long the beach and the ocean are available to me.   I love walking it and hearing the waves lap on the rocks.   It is so calming and mysterious.   Different each time you visit and the smell of the salt air relaxes the brain.

We are also fortunate in New England to be surround by Mountains....not great big ones like the Rockies but Mt. Washington is a decent size and it's majectic in it's own right.   We we leave Massachusetts and head to Maine,  New Hampshire or Vermont it's like traveling the globe...mountains,  rivers, streams.  Then you cross meadows,  lakes and pine forests and fishing villages.   The landscape is so devesified you can never be bored.It is also a great window for photography...summer sun and ocean adventures,  fall in glorious color on those maple trees,  winter abundant with snow and cold and of course always the renewal of spring with it's wildflowers and rebirth.   Birds tweeting most every season brings music to my ears.   Windows open,  sounds and smells enter...

I feel so blessed with all the beauty that my senses experience in my tiny town...New England is mapped by very small towns for the most part.  It is a safe place filled with beauty but mostly it is always the ocean that calls me home from travels...the ocean and my beloved woods of Maine.   I am never more than a foot away from solitude,  peace and the mystery of nature.  I feel an sense of awe each time I grab my camera and go.I do love to travel but my heart loves coming home to New England and all the gifts it offers up.   Living here reminds me everyday of the Grace that is given to all of us when we learn to appreciate what we have instead of what we think we are missing...

Thanks Kim for this is sometimes important to track things in writing to bring them back to our minds and hearts.

Liam learning about the beach,  one ice cream at a time.  Every good beach has an ice cream stand.   Goes really well with the sand.

Another gift of the ocean and New England.   We love going to one of our seaside towns and sitting outside for dinner.   The view is always fantastic...and the sun setting over the ocean is so beautiful.   It doesn't always have to be fancy.  Just sitting at the rail with the view, beautiful flowers in a galvinized vase and a glass of wine.   It makes me feel like I'm in heaven and the cool breeze on a hot humid night is nature's air conditioning.

Life in New England...Ocean living.   Farm land and nature.  I also am fortunate to live in horse country right down the road...I have it all.   Come see me sometime..



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