I'm Looking for My Friend
Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 11:50AM
Cheryl Crotty

Did you ever wish that there was a milk carton where you could post a photo of an adult? I do..  Sometimes adults end up missing. That is what has happened to my Friend...I really need to find her because it's almost time for my annual, long standing, Girlfriends Tea Party.  She has never missed one and the table will not be the same without her.

She disappeared about 3 months ago.   At first because I was so busy with Jenna and Jaxson that I didn't realize how long it had been since hearing from her.  As time went on though, she entered my mind many times a day. I asked our other mutual friends if they had seen or heard from her but they also confirmed that she was truly  missing. Right away I knew there was something wrong.  On her own,  in her right mind, she would never have left us without a word...but she did.

So after much soul searching I called her.  It took a few phone calls before I finally did get to speak with her. The conversation was sad.  She believes right now she doesn't have a life.  She is to busy with her Grandchildren and has no energy for anything else.  I knew right away that my Friend was lost.  This is not her.   A few years back my Friend had cancer.   I know what a fighter she is.   She never let it get her down and she shared the entire experience with us..her little group of friends. We supported her and loved her through all the treatments, bald head,  the tears and the joys.  When she was diagnosed cancer free we all cheered with her. What a brave fighter she was.   She never got lost during this hard fought battle so now she is fighting something that I cannot see and she won't let me in to help.

If I had a milk carton for her this is what I would write...no photo necessary..just four sides of writing.

I would tell her that I miss her...more than she knows.   Then I would remind her that friendships are not based on size.  Love never judges.   She would also need to know that every time someone mentions chocolate She pops into my head.  Next I would tell her that I miss her hugs, hugs so tight that I would lose my breath and beg her for mercy and to letme go..and those punches..OMG she was strong,  those damn punches hurt.

The other side of the carton would be all about the fun,  laughter, and positiveness of this wonderful Friend. Here boundless energy as she entered a room would stop you in your tracks.   She loved to laugh and she loved to make others laugh.  Pee your pants laugh..I need that in my life. I already lost my other funny Friend so I can't lose this one.  She had the most amazing energy level and there is not a person who knows her that hasn't at one time or another been the recipient of her help.  The time or day did not matter.  If you were in need she was there..and I really missed her when Jaxson came early and we couldn't share that time of need. That's another big reason why I know she's missing.  If she could of,  she would have been there for me and for my lil Sprout.  

Her phones calls, our long heartfelt chats about everything...I miss those.   The gift of tea and lunches with her,  not often with our busy schedules but often enough to stay completely connected.   The sharing of our Grandsons on adventures.  Wonderful times that we had moved into and the boys, well they just loved being together..sleep overs away..oh those were fun times...Tops..how we need her back there to keep us all on our toes.  This is not a new Friend...She has been around for nearly 30 years...

So I think if she saw my milk carton she would know that nothing is worth hiding away somewhere where no one can approach her..If she read my milk carton she would remember that we always referred to each other as Soul Sisters...so many years of speaking from the soul.   I think she would know that no matter what issues she is dealing with now that they are not unsurmountable as long as you you have your "best friend" by your side.   In all these many years My Friend has never been missing.  So I'll keep on searching until I find her.

You know, this is the season of Giving and of Hope...and I am a big Kid.  I still believe in Santa Clause and the Miracle of Christmas...so maybe Santa knows how to find my Friend.   Perhaps I could send him a copy of this note.  I also believe in the Miracle of Love..God is good..and He knows of my search...so I'm feeling a bit brighter about the future.  Good things come to those that wait...and I'll continue to wait until she comes back. 

Time is getting close though...my Special Tea Party is soon.   Invitations are going in the mail today and my Friend will receive hers tomorrow..My wish is that she will be in her seat when the day comes..She really needs to come or else I'll end up doing all the dishes by myself.  She usually does them for me.   She stays after everyone else is gone and we talk and clean...I really need her there.  That is always such a special time for us.

In the end, it's all up to her.  She knows where to find me.. I'm not lost.   I'm right here where I've always been...and I'm missing her and deep in my heart,  I know she is also missing me to.  



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