One Fall Weekend in Maine
Tuesday, October 9, 2012 at 07:01PM
Cheryl Crotty



Fall is my favorite time of the year..especailly in Maine. Great country roads, lots of farms, great apple orchards and lots of woodburning smells. Life gets slow, people go home and the quiet and peace that brought us there returns once again.  Family comes, leaves fall, acorn are carried away by the chipmunks and squirrels.  You can hear the sound of silence in the air...and feel a nip of cold on your nose.   All reminders of what a wonderful space I walk in.  How blessed I am for fires, family and at the end of the day,  a glass of wine and a glorious sunset. It doesn't hurt to have a few good camera's either for those drives along the back roads...above are a few of my favorite snaps from this past weekend...


Autumn is a season suffused with warmth and beauty-from the rich hues of the changing leaves to the golden glow of afternoon sunlight..that gives way to striking amber sunsets.

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