Happy Birthday Chris....across the miles.
Monday, November 15, 2010 at 08:33PM
Cheryl Crotty
Today is Chris’s birthday.   He is not with us and that saddens me but the other side of that is that he is celebrating his birthday in a place that he has longed to go to for a very long time.   I’m thinking it’s a gift to himself and that’s a good thing.
I’m not sure if we might have missed one other birthday but for the most part our family is very celebration oriented.   I  always loved having a party or family dinner for my kids.   Every year they would get to pick their favorite food and their favorite cake at that time.   Foods and cakes have changed over the years but never the dinner.   
Chris is in Burma  this year and I would suspect that dinner and cake and wine are not on his menu,  so Chris when you come home,   even if it’s very close to Christmas we will celebrate your birthday.   The one day set aside just for you.
I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday and at 7:06 tonight I will give thanks for the 36 years we have had together.   Your presence in my life continues to bring joy and laugher and if truth be known,  at this age you have taught me many things about life that without you I would not have learned.   You are my root to the earth,  to the mountains and to the night sky.   I look for you in stars and streams and wooded forest.   And you are always there.   These are the gifts Dad and I gave to you all those years ago when we camped.   Now you take it one step further and seek higher mountains,  scanty tents and far away places.   Good for you.
You travel your own path.   You live your life in honesty and kindness.   I don’t think we could ask more than that of a son.   As you work through your day today,  remember where I am as you hopefully take a moment to celebrate yourself.   When you left I told you if you were missing me to,  “just look in your left side pocket”   I will be there down in your heart.   
So this year,  until you return,  all I can give you is my words and my love.
I know it will be enough to sustain you until you come home and I give you that birthday hug that is also a gift of our comings and goings.
Stay safe,  rest well and know that you are loved and missed by many.
Happy Birthday son
Your MOM
November 15, 2010
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Nora Carol
I'm sure Chris will appreciate this :)
Sunday, November 28, 2010 - 07:25 AM


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